Why Join FOP?

The Voice of Law Enforcement

  • Organization run exclusively by Law Enforcement Officers
  • FOP has been at the forefront of making changes to improve Law Enforcement
  • Comprehensive Legal Defense Plan
  • Full-time professionals Lobbying for your interests in DC
  • Many other programs offered only to FOP members

The FOP is Member-Driven

  • Officers are elected by the membership from the local to the national levels
  • Every member is eligible to run for office
  • Every member has equal access to every level of leadership from the local leadership to the National President

International Membership

Over 340,000 members in 2100 Local Lodges throughout the United States with affiliates in Canada and Ireland

Cops Representing Cops

Every member of the FOP from the National Leadership to Local Lodge Members are LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS


Any regularly appointed or elected and full-time employed law enforcement officer of the United States, any state or political subdivision thereof, or any agency may be eligible for membership in the Fraternal Order of Police, subject to the provisions of this Constitution.

Education and Training

*Available to the members at nominal cost


Hands-On Bargaining

Advanced Bargaining

Grievance Arbitration

Labor Summit

Legal Counselors Seminar

FOP Labor
Research Service

  • Current Case Law
  • Scholarly Research Articles
  • Law Enforcement Statistics
  • Federal, State & Local Laws
  • Contract, Wage, & Benefit Comparisons
Provide historical and up-to-date statistical data and analysis to use as comparables
Review existing contracts, wages, and benefits and provide exhibits
Identify Federal, State, and Local laws pertaining to labor issues and collective bargaining
Case law on issues such as fitness standards, overtime, and officer safety

FOP Legal Defense Plan

Overview & Capabilities

Legal Plan History


Owned & Operated by the FOP since 1995 – FOP Board of Trustees

Currently over 92,000 active participating FOP members

The Plan has serviced over 12,000 cases and paid out over $30 million in legal fees defending FOP officers

Average claim – (1996 - $1,800) (2013 - $4,000)

Reinsured at $500,000 per incident through $5,000,000 aggregate

What else does the FOP have to offer?

Legal Defense Plan

National Legislative Office

Division of Labor Services

Information System

The FOP Journal

FOP University

Education & Training

FOP Foundation

National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

Owns and protects FOP name and trademark

Many more programs that benefit members and their families

National Peace Officers' Memorial Service

Held on May 15th, this Service honors those who gave their lives and seeks to assuage the grief of those families who lost a loved one in the line of duty. This event brings together the expanded law enforcement family -- the survivors, officers, and friends whom these heroes have left behind.

Legislative Office

The National Legislative Program is the most active and comprehensive of any law enforcement organization in Washington.

The full-time professional staff actively lobbies Congress and the Administration on the issues most important to rank-and-file law enforcement officers.